Sunday, January 8, 2017

The choice of faith

I've frequently heard people say that we should place our burdens on the Lord. The how-to of this enticing proposition has unfortunately eluded me–until last week!

I listened to an interview with a woman who had gone through difficult times. At on time, fear and worry almost paralysed her. In this depth of despair, she decided to give her fears to Jesus. Before she made her point, I understood that this is all about the choice to live in faith rather than fear.

  • It's a choice to trust the Lord and just let go of the fear. 
  • It's a choice to trust in life/God/your journey and not make your problems and challenges into permanent hinders or stumbling-blocks, but to let them be stepping-stones on your path. 
  • It's a choice to trust that God will make the bitter into sweet and sanctify our heartache. 
  • It's the choice to not carry every tough decision or step at the same time, but to allow God work his magic and timetable and accept whatever he puts on our plates, whenever he chooses to do so.
  • It's the choice to not worry about tomorrow, and rest in the knowledge that one step and day at a time is enough.
  • It's the choice to trust that salvation isn't ultimately worked out by us, but rather God's work and glory in and through us.
This song captures it beautifully!

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