Wednesday, June 1, 2016

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! - An example of finally getting it

I recently watched "Good Will Hunting" for the first time. It was great! One scene that really affected we was at the end [*SPOILER ALERT*] when Will talks to his therapist Sean about the abuse Will suffered at the hands of his father as a young boy. What happens, and how it happens is so beautiful, and also profound.

Now, watch the clip.

Done? Let's move on.

Isn't this how it works with life in general? We understand something, but in reality, we don't. There are so many things I know or believe I understand, but I now expect that one day it will finally click and all parts of me will get it!

Oh, how I long for that day. Let's get through the repetitions with patience in preparation for the day of illumination.

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