Sunday, June 5, 2016


Oftentimes we hear people who have tried hard for years to get answers to their prayers and communicate with God without success. The problem might not be the effort they've put in, but rather the modell they've been working after. If you get a model of communing with God from someone who never got it to work, the risk is the model is faulty in one way or another (or in several ways).

Instead of cursing God for not answering, the model should be questioned. We should seek teachers who know what they are talking about, who can witness of the interaction they've had with heaven. In Church, we get awfully few of those witnesses.

We often blame God when we don't hear from him. We say, if God truly wants to communicate, why is he so bad at it?

If I were to try to get a hold of you on your cell phone, but you didn't carry yours with you, or didn't answer my call and or left it uncharged in a box in your house, who's to blame? Not me. Communion is a joint effort.

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  1. I have learned that I must be willing to sacrifice previously held beliefs or positions in order to gain more light and knowledge from him. If I "set up stakes" to quote Joseph as to what God is, wants or is allowed (!) to reveal or command me, there will always be a good chance he will be silent, because his answer will not fit my cast iron framework of previously held beliefs (or rather unbelief, in the book of Mormon what I just tried to describe seems to be the very definition of unbelief).